Welcome to our review of the most complete and successful penis enlargement solution we discovered after almost 3 weeks of online and offline research on enlargement devices.

We have made use of every informational source we could get access to and we have been able to dig out countless user testimonials, over 420 forum posts, 22 reviews, 9 articles in health & “for men” magazines as well as 2 TV documentaries including interviews of actual users of the SizeGenetics & the ProExtender device.

While both products are of great quality the SizeGenetics device turned out to always be almost “one inch ahead” and even more when compared with the Vimax & FastSize Extender.

About SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics is a powerful penis enlargement device that claims to increase penis size from 3 to 4 inches.

This enlargement device is totally and effective to use. With this use of SizeGenetics, you are sure to get extra inches to your penis. Aside from this, it also helps in increasing your sexual arousal with the increased of blood flowing to the penis. If you like to have stronger, larger as well as lost lasting erection then opt for this product.

It is the best product for those who like to gain extra inches of their pennies, giving women a tighter fit in all of the sensitive area. Besides, the device also helps in boosting the sex drive whole night letting them enjoy sex to the maximum. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com

Considered to be the most effective device for enlarging your penis, SizeGenetics is quite easy and safe to use so. The only clinically proven device also recommended by doctors you are sure to get your desire penis size with SizeGenetics. According to the doctors, SizeGenetics is one of the best penis enlargement devices which are completely safe and effective to use. Customers report that they achieved maximum gains in short period of time.


The SizeGenetics penis enhancement device also comes along with a penis health male enhancement DVD, which can be used for improving your sexual performance. Here are some of the advantages of using SizeGenetics penis enhancement device:

  • It increases your penis in length and width
  • Helps in straightening a penis curvature or penis bent
  • Give you rock hard erection for a longer time
  • Enable you to have maximum gratification during sexual intercourse
  • Gives better ejaculation time
  • Boost your sexual confidence level

How SizeGenetics Works

The foundation of the SizeGenetics program is the traction device. Designed with the principle that human tissue will adapt to force applied, the device works by applying gentle traction along the length of the penis shaft. This forces new, longer cells to develop in accommodation. The device can be discreetly worn under most circumstances, but experience has shown that for most men it’s most comfortable if worn at night. Long-term tests have shown that the results can be improved with supplements like enlargement pills.

The complete Size Genetics System includes the enlargement device itself with an easy to follow the manual and several spare parts. Further, you get full access to Penis Health which is a doctor recommended penis enlargement exercise program, which has proven to be the most effective collection of exercises. This way you are able to approach penis enlargement from all angles.


The SG Solution guarantees it’s users amazing size gains and they are the only company to give a real one-year money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results. This product has received more press and airtime than any other penis enlargement product ever, and for a good reason.

We found reports of users with who gained over 4 inches in length and almost 2 inches in girth within 8-9 months. While only a few people will achieve size gains like that, the majority of guys have reported gains between 2.5 inches length & 1-inch girth and 3.5 inches length & 1.5 inches girth.

Those a really great results and these are also the numbers you will most likely be able to reach yourself after using Size Genetics for about 9 months. The smallest gains we read about was a length gain of 1.3 inches after 8 months, but the guy was still happy with the results because he finally found a product that was really able to increase the size of his 4.5 inches to almost 6 inches.


Opt for SizeGenetics penis enlargement device and get a larger penis. With this device, you can increase your penis size permanently. Additionally, you can also boost the overall health of your penis. Buy right away SizeGenetics penis enlargement device for dollars 199.95.

If you are looking for a real, safe and fast penis enlargement then SizeGenetics is our best recommendation to you. Thousands of men have written positive SizeGenetics reviews on forums and blogs verifying that it works quickly to enlarge penis size.


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