You probably heard several times about this male enhancement product and wondered: “Does it really work as advertised, or is it just another hoax like so many other products of this type?” Well, this short article about ProExtender will try to answer that question as best as it can.

When it comes to a penis, nothing is too good. There are few people on the world who are absolutely satisfied with the size of theirs and fewer still that would miss on the opportunity to enlarge it if they can. The average size of a human penis is about 6 inches in length. Having less than that can be devastating on ones overall confidence and this will reflect not only in bed when he is with the person he loves, but also on other areas in his life.

A man will try pretty much anything to enhance the size of his penis, even dangerous and expensive surgical procedures or using complicated devices that you have to carry around with you and just feel awkward. That is not what you will get with ProExtender, though.

What Do You Get?

First of all, what do you get with ProExtender? This is not just a device, this is an entire system that will enhance the size of your penis and fix any deviations it might have. There are four components in the package itself:

1. ProExtender device, which is, of course the reason you bought the whole package. This penis enlargement device consist of three parts itself: a saddle, loop and telescopic bar that you need to put on correctly and wear each day for around 10 hours. This will not be hampering in any way, not painful. In fact, you might almost forget that you are wearing this device.

2. Vigrx pills. Next, we have two penis enhancement supplements. The first one is a bottle of Vigrx virility pills. These pills are pretty useful by themselves, but when used in the ProExtender system, they are even better. Their job is to enable you to have stronger penile erections and will also make your penis bigger when in the erect state.

3. The second supplement is a bottle of Semenax pills. Now, a lot of men have problems with ejaculating too little semen during orgasm. If you want to ejaculate more, then Semanax will be able to help you.

4. Finally, you also get a CD with a very good exercise program that you can use to enlarge your penis.

So, does ProExtender really works?

Yes it does, and more than that. Unlike other penis enlargement devices, ProExtender will give you no painful or award experience. Also, it is very safe and is comfortable to wear. Once you put it on, it will in no way hamper the rest of your day.

When you order ProExtender, you will get a complete package of two bottles of supplements, video CD and, of course, device. This device has a a saddle, which will support your penis shaft; loop, which provides support for the head of the penis and a telescopic bar. You need to wear the device every day, for about 10 hours.

The two supplements that are provided in the package will help you further by increasing your sexual stamina and giving increase your sexual health. Thanks to these natural supplements, you will be able to enjoy sex with a lot more control.

Finally, the CD that comes in the package will teach you some excellent exercises that will help you to improve the overall health of the penis. But not only that, this CD will also give you some good advice on how to use this device.

If you want to tone your penis then ProExtender is the right thing to use. Not only that, but it will also correct any deviations that might appear when you get an erection. It is a product that will give you more stamina in bed and allow you to experience better sexual intercourses. Learn more at


Of course, the best way to find out if ProExtender really works is to actually use it. If you don’t try it out, there is really no review that will provide better information on this amazing male enlargement device. My honest opinion is that, yes, ProExtender can really help in enhancing the size of your penis and much more than that.

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