In this article, I will explain how a penis extender works.

How Penis Extenders Work

This method is based on the medical principle of traction, which made a gradual and progressive over the penis will stimulate the growth of the tissues of the same, both the suspensory ligament of the corpora cavernosa and the rest of tissues. The principle of traction is used in tissue expansion in plastic surgery, which creates a skin to cover cutaneous defects, burns or bald spots.

It also applies in distraction osteogenesis for lengthening bone shaft and phalanges. In ancient cultures, this principle is used to enlarge different parts of the body like the neck of the tribe Paduang Burma (the Giraffe women), or the lips and ears of other African and Amazonian tribes, which are placed prosthesis or weights for elongation. Learn more about how a penis extender works.

What A Penis Extender Includes

The device consists of a plastic ring connected to two dynamic metal rods that fits in a plastic support and a silicone band holds the glans. You can put or remove it, and can discreetly under clothing, walking or even sitting.

The apparatus is placed when the penis is flaccid, and will take place between 4 and 9 hours a day, taking breaks whenever you want. According to doctors who have supervised our comparative and testimonies and experiences of many of our readers will get an increase of half a centimeter a month, these being cumulative. Must be for 4 to 6 months (manufacturers recommendation), depending on the growth desired. After the treatment, the centimeters gained will be real.


These are the benefits that a penis extender can provide you:

  • Permanent penis enlargement of 3 to 4 cm. in erection.
  • Permanent penis enlargement of 3 to 4 cm. more flaccidity.
  • Thickening of 1 cm.
  • 40% correction of penile curvature.
  • Increased confidence and gradual improvement of sexual intercourse.

Peyronie Disease Healing

A penis extender can be adjusted comfortably and discreetly under clothing and used while walking, sitting or standing. Its practical design allows it to be used effectively throughout the day without affecting their mobility or your work. As an extensor apparatus, a penis extender produces a lengthening of the penis of 3 to 4 cm (1.2 and 1.6 inches), visible both during erection and flaccidity. It also increases the girth, its perimeter, up to 1.5 cm (0.6 inches).

As a curvature correction device, it is the only practical and comfortable solution to correct curvatures, due to Peyronie’s disease or other causes. The only effective alternative is surgery, but at a great cost. One of the side effects of surgical correction of penile curvature is the shortening of 2 to 3 cm (0.78 and 1.2 inches), which happens almost 100% of the cases studied. Instead, a penis extender reduces the curvature of the penis up to 40% without shortening; on the contrary, it stimulates the growth of penile tissues.

After surgery on the penis and other nearby areas, men run the risk of penile shortening by scar retraction. Vimax Extender has proved an effective method to avoid shrinkage or retraction of the penis in these cases.

Benefits of Having a Big Penis

While it is true that many women show a greater interest in a relatively large penis, this is solely due to psychological reasons. In this respect too old beliefs creep, many of them supported the beginnings of psychoanalysis. Here we have penis-envy of Freud, for whom the woman was a castrated man, ideas largely overcome and are now obsolete.


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