In this article, I discuss why a penis extender is helpful to correct Peyronie’s disease. Of all of the different causes of erectile dysfunction, penis deformities such as penis curvature, and shortening of the penis, Peyronie’s disease (PD) is one of the most common. It affects between 1 and 3% of men.

Doctors and other experts who work with sexual issues find treating this disease to be one of their greatest challenges. There are various treatments available, including radiotherapy, oral and injectable drugs, and extenders to correct shortening. Surgery is often the most often used method of correcting penis shape in men with severe shortening or curvature.

Surgical methods for Peyronie’s Disease and their Pros and Cons

  • Removal/cutting: Similar to circumcision, this procedure requires that the plaque of the penis is cut or removed and a piece of skin or other material collected from animal organs is attached. This method is often used for treating penis curvature and can straighten the penis, restoring some length lost by PD. Negative effects of the surgery can include penile numbness and erectile dysfunction.
  • Plication: This process is most often used to negate curvature of the penis. By removing a piece of the tunica albuginea located on the side of the penis opposite the plaque, the curvature is corrected. There is no length restored to the penis but makes it less likely the patient will suffer the problem of penile numbness and erectile dysfunction.
  • Implants: This procedure involves implanting a surgical device that augments penile rigidity. Most of the time this method can straighten the penis but if the implant doesn’t work by itself, it is combined with one of the other above methods.

For a man suffering from Peyronie’s, these surgeries offer positive results that can change their lives. However, there are surgical complications such as numbness, loss of feeling and loss of erectile function that can occur as a result of these surgeries.

Because of some of the problems associated with Peyronie’s Disease cannot be corrected with surgery, doctors most often only perform the surgery on a small number of men with a curvature that is so severe as to prevent sex.
Some other side effects associated with these surgeries include infections, bleeding, shortening that remains permanent, and pain after the surgery. These surgeries are often expensive due to the necessity of hospitalization and the post-surgery expense.

Penis Extender for Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie's DiseaseOne non-surgical and pain-free option for men who suffer from PD is penis enlargement through a device called a penis extender, or a penis stretcher. A penis extender fits over the relaxed (flaccid) penis and is worn for a few hours a day. There are metal sections running the length of the splint that is added or removed to adjust the level of traction on the penis.  Learn more about penis extenders for Peyronie’s Disease.

As time passes, the penis extender can elongate the plaque of the penis, or cause the abnormal shaped tissue often caused by Peyronie’s disease to reshape. This option gives sufferers a non-surgical option for penis enlargement and offers the least amount of side effects, ruling out the numbness and erectile dysfunction that can often accompany surgical options.


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